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Studio Purple, Week 10

            What can happen when you introduce scissors with paper? “I made a race car.” -Johann “I made a race

Studio Purple, week 9

WOODLAND WALK On Tuesday morning, the children arrived to find leaves cascading down towards our Studio Purple rug.  A letter and a box of gifts

Studio Purple, Week 8

“A memory can’t make you laugh!”  -Tessa How do you remember? “I just think about where I went.”-Sam Very often in Studio Purple, we inform

Studio Purple, week 7

We are still curious about color… What ways do we discover how to create new colors?  After reading Mix It Up we discussed our new

Studio Purple, Week 6

“I like to fold sometimes like a tent.” -Kyla What began as an invitation to figure out how to create something without tape has evolved

Studio Purple, week 4

At LNS we cherish the natural world.  We consider that our children are citizens of this world and are capable of taking the time to

Studio Purple, Week 3

… “It would be hard to make color if we didn’t have any colors.” We are intentional about the books we choose to share with

Studio Purple, week 2

“When are we going to get more colors?”                                  

Studio Purple, Week 1

Studio Purple enjoyed a wonderful start to our new school year,   beginning with each child contributing a flower to create our bouquet.  As you

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