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Studio Purple, Week 15

    How do we know when it’s Winter? A conversation bubbled up over the course of two meetings this week.  Our impending holiday season

Studio Purple, Week 14

    Jumping off from our experience in the woods using velcro ties to attach in trees, we’ve begun exploring attaching in earnest in the

Studio Purple, Week 13

Somehow in the extended time since we last came together, we slipped from crisp autumn days filled with freshly fallen leaves to winter storms filled

Studio Purple Week 12

As we head into our Thanksgiving Week and families begin to travel to be with extended family, we want to take a moment to be

Studio Purple, week 11

From the very beginning of our school year together, we have been captivated by water.  We endlessly seek to find snatches of water left by

Studio Purple, Week 10

            What can happen when you introduce scissors with paper? “I made a race car.” -Johann “I made a race

Studio Purple, week 9

WOODLAND WALK On Tuesday morning, the children arrived to find leaves cascading down towards our Studio Purple rug.  A letter and a box of gifts

Studio Purple, Week 8

“A memory can’t make you laugh!”  -Tessa How do you remember? “I just think about where I went.”-Sam Very often in Studio Purple, we inform

Studio Purple, week 7

We are still curious about color… What ways do we discover how to create new colors?  After reading Mix It Up we discussed our new

Studio Purple, Week 6

“I like to fold sometimes like a tent.” -Kyla What began as an invitation to figure out how to create something without tape has evolved

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