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Studio Purple, Week 21

Our Studio Purple community has had a very special week.  Two families have had something special happen… “Babies!”  ALEX“My baby.”  CHARLIE KELLY“And Luca.”  SAM Many

Studio Purple, week 20

What is the idea of “Me?” We’ve been asking this question since we were born.  Discovering our self-concept is a life-long process and at 4

Studio Purple, Week #19

How to Catapult… Find just the right shovel.  Maybe a color you like best. Set tennis ball in the handle hole. Stomp enthusiastically! Oh, and

Studio Purple, Week 18

Taking a closer look at small groups… With the goal of creating their own game to share with the class, Kyla, Charlie Kelly, and Eva

Studio Purple, Week #17

Enjoying once again being able to dig in our now soft sand, Kyla, Amelia and Tessa together create a whimsical mouse. This joyful experience together

Studio Purple, Week #16

Prior to the winter break, we came together to read Remi Courgeon’s  Many Moons.   On this night, the moon is like the sun, so

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