Studio Purple, Week 21

Our Studio Purple community has had a very special week.  Two families have had something special happen…

“Babies!”  ALEX
“And Luca.”  SAM

Many of us could identify with being a big brother or big sister.

“Kyla, Lea, Charlie Kelly, Luca, Hannah (Sam’s big sister).”  ALEX
“And Henry!”  SAM
“I have a big sister!”  ZACK
“My sister used to be 7. Now she’s 8.”  CHARLIE MENKE

As we read My Big Brother, it sparked some ideas about our own big brothers and sisters.

“My brother can do the most amazing things.”  CHARLIE KELLY
“Yeah, my Holden can run for 100 hours and then she can run back from the front steps.”  JACK

Some of us had some advice for Charlie and Luca, in their roles as big brothers.

“Don’t run away from them.”  CHARLIE MENKE
“Play with them.”  AMELIA
“Do not hit or push.”  KYLA
“Flowers.  Baby.  Share.  Baby Lenna.”  LEA
“They help you.”  SAM
“Listen to them.”  EVA
“I have a baby sister AND a big brother.”  JOHANN
“I don’t have a baby.”  MIKA
“I have a big sister Zara and she always does homework.”  ZACK
“Share werewolves with them.”  ALEX

Congratulations to Luca and Charlie Kelly (and their families)!

Have a wonderful February break!