At LNS, parents participate in and help shape the magic of their child’s first school experience.

In keeping with the school’s philosophy of cooperative education, parents are involved in all aspects of the school, including family partnering, serving either on the board of directors or a committee, and participating in community events.

Most directly, by helping in the classroom, family partners become part of the teaching team and have the opportunity to pay close attention to children’s play. A cooperative school establishes a strong sense of community among families because of the relationships that develop through family involvement. Knowledge of children’s classroom experience coupled with regular communication with teachers offers family members a more complete understanding of their child’s development and the classroom curriculum.

How do I participate?

We ask all families to make a basic commitment to:

– Family partner in the Studio,  an average of ten times per year.

Serve on a parent committee or on the school’s Board of Directors. Parent committees include administrative work, social events, maintenance, classroom support, parent education and fundraising. There are a wide variety of choices to suit your interest and time availability.

– Once per year, spend a morning or afternoon to help maintain the school’s facilities.


Is a co-op feasible if both parents work?

It certainly can be! The family partner schedule is developed well in advance in order to accommodate preferences for days and to allow working parents to arrange for time-off. With a little notice, it’s usually not hard to switch family partner days if something comes up at the office.

What if I have more than one child at the school? 
A reduced family partner schedule will be developed that enables you to participate in each child’s classroom. Other requirements, such as committee work and maintenance work-day are the same for all families.

If you have any questions about your ability to participate in our school, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss it with you!