Studio Purple Happenings, week of April 13

Hello Studio Purple Friends,

Thank you for sharing what you’re missing from Studio Purple. We’ve shared some of your drawings and words here, along with more of your adventures from the week. With the days a touch warmer, we’ve been thinking about our nature walk adventures together, wondering about Owl Tree and the stick fort and all of the animal kitchens along the way. We hope you are making lots of discoveries out in nature with your families. Keep sharing your findings!

Wendy & DJ

"Playing with Sam on the train."--CHARLIE MENKE
"Studio Purple. I miss seeing it and being in it."--TESSA
Mika's sensory table, complete with wolves and deer and forest
Meeting with friends on the rug.--AMELIA
The Back Room with the flying book, projector, table, light, curtain, bookcase, and summer book basket--AMELIA
"Tessa, Kyla, Amelia, and Charlie Kelly drawing at the drawing table."--TESSA
Jack, Charlie Kelly, and Alex in blocks.--JACK
"DJ with her camera in the block space with Tessa, Kyla, and Amelia."--TESSA
Zack's picture of Brad's tractor/digger

“All of LNS. The sandbox, the climbing part, and Mama the parent helper.”  EMMA

“Real Share”  SAM

“Sun and friends make me happy.”  KYLA

“Blocks”  EVA


Sam got swallowed up by this great big tree! Can you find him?

Kyla learned to ride a bike this week!

Tessa and Vivian are keeping busy with crafts and cookies and playing outside in the mud!

Jack enjoyed Music with Mark on Friday morning and then he found a tiny turtle that they escorted to the water and watched it swim away. On Saturday, he and his sisters colored eggs and then celebrated Easter on Sunday with an egg hunt. On a hike this week, Jack tried out extreme scootering and then he and his sisters found some turkey bones. Jack and Britton were a swing spider. Jack wrapped a birthday present for Paige all by himself with a shoebox and lots of tape. He also tried catching snowflakes.