Studio Purple Happenings, week of March 23

We’ve been missing you all so much, but have been so happy to hear from some of you this week. Looks like you are having fun with your families, from sun to snow to sun again.  Spring can’t seem to make up its mind!

Kyla writing songs on her uke
Kyla and her family build a sandbox
Kyla and Rayne
Clay penguins that are starring in their own movie
Jack took on Studio Red's invitation using boxes. He was particularly captured by Lauri's "deconstruction" of a box and gave it a go! Eventually he blasted off in his rocket ship!
Emma and Victoria visit a New Hampshire farm
Charlie and his sister, Juliet, both spent an afternoon making "nesting bags" using soft pine needles, tall wispy grasses, seed pods, and more.
Afterwards, Charlie used some of the other nature items he found to make some multimedia art. He used sticks and pine needles as paintbrushes, and added some leaves to give it a little something special.
Amelia and her big sister Abigail discover volcanoes and how to make them erupt!
They also bake Lava cakes!
Yummy oozing chocolate lava!
Amelia and Abigail enjoyed spending some time doodling together.
Amelia and Abigail joined a global online dance and yoga party with 3,000 people around the world all dancing and doing yoga together - including their friend in Somerville on the iPad with them!
In a quiet moment, Amelia and Abigail relaxed in their fort they made!
Charlie plays pirate
Charlie and Joey enjoy a nature walk at Great Meadows
Charlie and Joey make a town out of left over cardboard
Emma and Victoria make a snowman
Shoveling off the patio
Music with Mark
Emma plays with uppercase and lowercase letters
Kyla's mom Kat reports, "We miss our friends but we are keeping busy to stay sane."
Rayne gets in on the drawing!
Kyla found a fun way to use of that construction material to create art!
Look at these beautiful stones in Kyla's collection!
Jack found lots of signs of Spring and helped clean up his big neighborhood safely wearing gloves!
Look how much trash Jack found in just 2 miles! Well done Jack and Britton!
Jack's family has been enjoying lots of hikes outdoors together. Here they found a great big tree to climb!
Check out Jack's snowman he built with our surprise Spring snow! Whoa Jack that's really big!
Amelia and Abigail explored some trails, looking for and feeding birds,
...finding a beaver dam,
...and seeing a racoon (lower left) during the day! That happens sometimes!
While it was fun exploring the trails, a cozy picnic in the car was just right on a rainy day!
Amelia and Abigail created super fun monkeys out of socks. Stuffing and then sewing made Sock Monkeys!!
Montana makes chalk dust
Cadence and Montana make some spring repairs to the stick fort
log rolling fun
Cadence, Playa, and Teton enjoy the early spring snow
Wendy finding time to snuggle with Noogies the cat!
On a walk in the woods, Wendy found windy road tracks reminding her of Studio Red's big box invitation.
Willow enjoying her daily outing with Mom. Yes, she does have spittle all over her face...yuck!
Wendy's big family found a way to "get together" to play trivia. Players were from Canada, California, Texas and even Australia (early in the day for them)!