Studio Purple Happenings, Week of May 25-29th

“On my beach, there are many pebbles.  Most are ordinary pebbles but some are strange and wonderful.”

And so begins Leo Lionni’s story, On My Beach There Are Many Pebbles.

We enjoyed reading this story with you this week and hearing you share what you noticed about the wonderful beach stones we left for you.

“Mine is so smooth!”

“It’s a little bit bumpy.”

“I noticed a square.”

“Round, like a balloon!”

“Looks like wood.”

“There’s sparkles inside.”

“heart shaped.”

“One of mine is a wish stone.  It has a line all around.”

We shared with you something exciting, something special that everyone will be a part of from Lincoln Nursery School.

We revisited with you this place in the Sculpture Park that we’ve known well.  Now it will become a new place where we will be able to leave our traces of Hope for anyone to come and see.  We noticed the nooks and crannies in the stone wall where you will be able to tuck your Hopes into along with your family!

You waited patiently to open up your “thinking” bags!  

We loved seeing your excited faces as you discovered the materials inside and the many ideas that bubbled up on how you might use them to show and hold your ideas for Hope in your stones.

“Like three little babies!  Baby yarn!”

“I have an idea!  I can dip the feather in paint and write with it!

We know you will find lots of different and very beautiful things in which to adorn your stones. We know you will find many different ways to attach and tuck in.  We know you and your whole family will create wonderful symbols or gifts of Hope!

We look forward to seeing what you’ve done with your stones.  We will be curious about what you use and what ideas of Hope you will put in.

Remember to bring some of these with you to our small group next week so we can all share with each other!


In the meantime, continue exploring your stones and finding tiny beautiful things!

Sam's sorted rock collection!