Studio Purple Happenings, week of May 18

Hello Studio Purple,

It was wonderful to see so many of you this week during our small groups. We loved seeing you, both big and small…You made for some adorable babies!  We hope you had a chance to think about all of the ways that you have changed and grown over the years.  What can you do now that you couldn’t do back then?

We look forward to seeing you next week during small groups.  Until then, we’ll be making some special deliveries this weekend.  Be on the lookout for a special package to open with your parents.  Please keep the sealed bag tucked away…We’ll open it together during our small groups.  Can’t wait!

With love,

Wendy and DJ

The children were captivated watching the slideshow of their baby photos!  There were big smiles and squeals of excitement as they recognized one another!

“It’s Lea!”  MIKA

“Charlie Kelly!”  JACK

“Charlie Menke!” AMELIA, she then beams when she sees her own baby photo and when she recognizes Tessa.

Zack smiles and points to Mika when he sees his photo.

“Oh?  Victoria!”  ALEX

“Zacky!” MIKA 

“That’s me!”  ALEX

“That was me!”  EMMA

“Kyla!…Me!”  SAM

Tessa, Charlie Menke, and Victoria all smile big when they see themselves.

“Luca!”  EMMA and VICTORIA

“That’s Amelia!…Johann.”  TESSA

“I really loved it!  Show it again.  Please!”  JACK

"I can do math now. I don't think I knew any numbers when I was a baby."



We wonder…What can you do now that you couldn’t do when you were a baby?

"Now, I can ride a bike very fast!" -Mika
"I couldn't climb trees when i was a baby. This is me rock climbing!" -Zack
Box 1: “B“ for bike without training wheels Box 2: “S” for skateboard Box 3: “D” for donkey kick (precursor to cartwheel) Box 4: “S” for scooter -Amelia
Kyla couldn't do the Monkey Bars when she was a baby. Now she can!

“I just knew what scribbles were.  Not heart shapes.”  KYLA

“I was crawling around.”  CHARLIE MENKE

“When I was little I use to call Abigail LaLa”  AMELIA


More images of Studio Purple adventures from this week…

Charlie Kelly designs sand art!
Charlie Menke and his pup, Luke, play fetch all day, everyday!