Studio Purple Happenings, week of March 30

Hello Studio Purple Friends!

It has brought such big smiles to our faces to see photographs of you playing and adventuring at home with your families.  What a creative group you all are…Thank you for inspiring us!   

Sending you all big hugs,
Wendy and DJ

Sam was busy finding lots of green all over his house and built a beaver dam along the shores of Walden Pond.

Charlie Menke was inspired by Nancy’s invitation to make a picnic. It was a little chilly outside, so he and his sister, Juliet, spread out a blanket on the floor of their dining room and picnicked right there. Charlie drew pictures of LNS teachers and friends so that we all could join them. He even brought his treasure map along. He’s also been busy doodling with Mo Willems, using shapes to make a city at night with a full moon (inspired by the Mouse Shapes invitation), and spending time on bird expeditions with Juliet.

Emma and Victoria have been helping prepare dinner, drawing detailed pictures, and hammering pegs.

Jack and his family went for a hike in New Hampshire. He also did an alphabet train puzzle all by himself and then “trained” it all over the house singing the abc’s. He has also had some fun being silly with his sisters.

Amelia and her sister, Abigail, were inspired to create nesting boxes for the birds. They even inspired neighbors who were passing by.

Zack and Mika have been quite busy–fishing, hiking, biking, making salt dough ornaments, and fixing up a clubhouse. Their big sister, Zara, has even organized a morning meeting LNS style to start every morning.

Kyla is building forts, planting seeds, scootering, playing games, and enjoying their new sandbox with Rayne.

Tessa and her sister, Vivian, have been enjoying Music with Mark, doing yoga, building cardboard box tents, and playing outside.  She has also been having fun riding her bike!