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Extended Day

This way guys….

After lunch on Friday we decided to head to the museum to check out the new Lab and, as it was a sunny day, the


“It looks like a show in there.”

The children are always excited to have Emily visit, and on Wednesday, she accompanied us to the sculpture park, beginning with Two Big Black Hearts, by


Sculpture Park Connections

Here are holes we can go through with our bodies. How will we experience this as a group? We are looking for how children communicate


Children as Residents

“How do children-in-residence encounter deCordova?  This Umbrella Topic is one that we at LNS, alongside our partners at deCordova Learning and Engagement have begun to


Why is that house broken?

Why is that house broken? Does somebody live in that house? – Tait You cannot go near this building because it is old too. – Jonah


Visit to deCordova’s Maintenance Shed

Pursuing the children’s interest in deCordova’s landscape equipment, we contacted Brad and Doug. They invited us to their maintenance shed to view what they have


Small Groups to Humming

We’ve been playing a face game at meeting. Diane holds up a picture of a child’s face and when we name the child, that child

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