Sculpture Park Connections

Here are holes we can go through with our bodies. How will we experience this as a group?

We are looking for how children communicate ideas to each other, and in fostering this process, to build community.
Here are discoveries that children made–together, and on their own.

Thomas said: “Look! A hole!” and he and Travers checked it out. Later, Travers and Saige explored it together. Saige thought an animal might live there (perhaps a connection with our “HELP” story?)


Seemingly unbeknownst to each other, children were often drawing in the dirt, and enjoying the sensory experience of this.


Children were constantly finding natural objects and presenting them to the adults. Amelia was struck by the piece on the right, and Kyla found the “branch” on the left. Saige found a rock; Kaya found a very small rock…



There was the immediate thrill of disappearing inside a tube and being discovered!



Signage was also a draw.

(Sam found an H for Hannah!)

Caroline: It’s raining leaves!


Sam: I see a church!

Climbing the big hill and sliding or walking or running down was also a draw:
Thomas How do you get down? (points down the hill) Hey, that’s the way you get down! Let me try!

This was extended when the whole class ended up moving to “sliding rock.”

How do children experience the sculpture park? With great breadth of interest!