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Fiber Expanded

Several weeks back we introduced fiber materials similar to those used by artist Sheila Pepe. We presented them in various ways, some entirely open ended

Conceptual Thinking

  A recent encounter with Nari Ward’s Firehose With Libation II G.O.A.T  piqued Ursula’s interest.  She was especially intrigued by one of the sculpture’s mediums – a firehose. 


“It’s so beautiful.” – Thomas

The artist vocation is to send light into the human heart. George Sand Revisiting an old friend, Jim Dine’s Two Big Black Hearts, Thomas was

Leaving the Nest

Saige brought in a couple of nests this week. One had pieces of blue eggs in it! On Wednesday Emily came to visit us and


‘Marshmallows’ unwrapped

The last time we visited the Linde Gallery, Ian McMahon was still in the process of installing his piece, Tether. We felt it was time


Musings in the Park

A recent visit to deCordova’s Sculpture Park triggered some thoughts from the children of Studio Yellow.     Studying Noemie Goudal’s Telluris “I think it is somewhere

Extended Day

Where to next?

A beautiful day and requests from the children for a picnic saw us heading out into the sculpture park for Stay and Play.  We chose


The Rainstick (our Gala auction item)

The birth of our rainstick is the culmination of many interests and explorations… “Drippy Droppy” Mine’s going to be a thunderstorm I’m making a very

Revisiting Ian McMahon

Process is a word we use a lot with the children. It is explicitly revisited because it reveals the thinking behind the work. We have

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