‘Marshmallows’ unwrapped

The last time we visited the Linde Gallery, Ian McMahon was still in the process of installing his piece, Tether. We felt it was time to introduce the children to the finished artwork. With so many questions and comments from the children, we thought it would be helpful for them to record in their journals what they saw.

Is Ian McMahon still here? Jonah
The man has all gone. Tait
I don’t see the marshmallows moving anymore. Alex
It’s not just one marshmallow. It’s a whole bunch of marshmallows. Case
I wonder why they put those pipes there. Sofia
To hold the marshmallows up. Case
They’re all connected. Elliott
The black things make it look squishy. Charlotte
It looks squishy – because the poles are holding it up. Violet
The glass is all gone. Jesse
I’m drawing that one in the middle. Addie
When I turn sideways it (the black pipes) looks like a timer. Avery
They’re so pretty. Parker