Inspired by a pencil point


Last week, after sharpening their pencils to a precise point, both Alex and Avery discovered they could make patterns by pushing the point through the paper rather than drawing on it.   With the holes revealed they then wondered what would happen if they placed the paper on the light table.  

At meeting, while bringing this experience back to the whole group,  Violet surmised “The light will come through the holes.”  Parker thought “If you place Magna-Tiles on top or under the paper with holes (on the light table) you would get different colors.” 

To expand upon these ideas we brought back the line drawings they had used earlier in the year with Wikki Stix.  This time instead of Wikki Stix we challenged them to follow the outline using a mega push pin.  Could they create the same outline with holes?  Where were other areas of light in the studio?  We knew about the light table but could light shine through from another area?

The children soon realized that this was not going to be a quick task!

Avery “The person is harder than it looks.”
Charlotte “I’m taking away all the broken pieces.”
Jesse “Avery has done 100s.” (of holes)
Julia “I’m pushing really hard.”
Sofia “Me too!”

Once the technique was mastered, children took it one step further and without any template ‘poked’ their names on their work.