The Octopus

Just as they have done throughout the year, the children pause and bring to life those spaces in between within the Sculpture Park. During our last nature walk, we first stopped at Secret Tree, dubbed so by LNS children of years past. This became a jungle of sorts, with lions, tigers and even a monkey in the tree trying to escape their grasp.

Moving along, we approached ‘The Grove.’ As the wood chip piles have continued to grow over time, so too has the play and imaginations of the children. Now an underwater seascape, thoughts of octopus and squid filled their minds and the storyline was adapted accordingly.

We’re going to the octopus ’cause we like to be tied up. – Louis

Get out of the octopus ’cause that’s our pet. – Jesse

I want to stay here and you can come get me tomorrow in the octopus. – Louis