Leaving the Nest

Saige brought in a couple of nests this week.
One had pieces of blue eggs in it!

On Wednesday Emily came to visit us and told us that a snapping turtle had been laying eggs in the sculpture park! What a perfect connection to Saige’s nests. We all went to see the site, where we found indentations in the sand, but no eggs or turtle (the eggs are buried underneath!). But below you can see the photo that Emily took of the turtle laying eggs last week!


As we continued on our walk, Ian and Ruthie and Will ended up going off in a different direction from the rest of the group. Ian noticed a hole and wondered if it might be for a turtle. Then Will and Ruthie pointed out potential animal holes, too. 

Upon reaching the museum, Ian suggested that we go inside, so the three children (along with Mark) did! We spied Brad on the ladder just outside the third floor windows helping prepare a sculpture installation. Then we investigated the Process Gallery, which was different than the last time we were in.

On our way down the long staircase, whom should we see but the rest of the class! We joined up with them and continued walking.

After going by the new sculpture of the doors (these are not allowed to be touched, and some children had a game of carefully going between them without touching) and playing on the sliding rock, a discovery was made: eggshells, just like in Saige’s nest!

It seems our little ones in Studio Blue have fully hatched and are ready to fly off to other adventures this summer! We wish you all the best as you continue on your journey, wherever it may lead you. Thank you for a wonderful year!