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Finding Springtime in the Woods

In sharp contrast to last week’s brush with the polar vortex, this week we delighted in the warm sunshine.  It’s quite remarkable what unfolds as

Leaving the Nest

Saige brought in a couple of nests this week. One had pieces of blue eggs in it! On Wednesday Emily came to visit us and

Sticks and Pine Cones for Emily

We found a letter addressed to us and read it. Then, after a quick peek to see what Studio Red children were up to, we


Discoveries in Nature

This week’s abundant sunshine and milder temps called to us, encouraging us to spend our mornings meandering and exploring.  From the sculpture park to the


Musings from our nature walk

It’s kind of squishy. – Wes This looks like a number. – Tait Look at this. – Charlotte I think the water goes like this


Outdoor Discoveries

The out-of-doors was magical this week. One group went for a walk on Tuesday (Ruthie, Caroline, Thomas, Kyla, Asha, Saige, Will) that started on the


It’s like a tepee – Sofia

TEAMWORK abounded on our nature walk as a group worked together to form a house from fallen down limbs.  Gradually a lean-to house appeared complete


I heard something move – Julia

As told by Julia: I can see something in this tree.  I’m looking at it with my eyes.  I heard something move.  I’m putting a stick in


Walking through the Woods

Finding time each week to explore our woods is important to us as educators and we have observed, is important to the children in Studio

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