Outdoor Discoveries

The out-of-doors was magical this week. One group went for a walk on Tuesday (Ruthie, Caroline, Thomas, Kyla, Asha, Saige, Will) that started on the rocks by Humming, moving to the collapsing Big, With Rift. As always, we see children exuberant about climbing, and they tackled the rocks eagerly. Will noticed this: Look over here, Mark – a hole! When we reached Big With Rift, Saige and Will searched everywhere to find holes in the sculpture. There was more climbing and exploring there on fallen logs and the rock wall. It was made even more magical by the steady snowfall.

When we head out to the sculpture park on Wednesday, we make it as far as the Musical Fence and are then held captive by the big frozen puddles nearby and remain in that area until it’s time to head back.


The ice is an invitation to look closely: when Amelia peers into the ice, she considers: We can spy in here. Upon brushing off snow, she spies grass and leaves underneath. More brushing leaves traces of snow in different shapes on the ice: I see a fishy shape and – Ooh! I made a baby bear with its mama. Kyla joins in: I found polka dots – they’re like bubbles. Luca finds ice under ice! Saige observes A leaf coming out of the ice.

I’m trying to find a way to break this ice, says Thomas as he enthusiastically hurls down big chunks of ice, watching it shatter.

Luca notices roots emerging from the ground and imagines… I found a snake bone (a root) and it’s made out of wood. I found a esophagus. This (another root) is the tummy for the ostrich.


In the glass house (Crazy SpheroidSaige jumps! We can jump in here. Then she places herself at one entrance and seems to either be acting as the door itself or guarding the entrance way, though happy to let people in and out, and Sam joins her in this game.

Thomas finds a long branch that he tried using to break ice, to no avail. When Asha drags it across the ice, she finds that it creates lines in the snow. Amelia also draws in the snow with a stick. Look what I’m drawing. Saige notices and draws with her pinecone, too; then she gives a stick to Diane: Here you go. So you can draw.

And of course there is the slipperiness: Saige does the twist on the ice: This is like slippy slidey. I’m ice skating. Sam joins Saige and together they wiggle on the ice and fall, giggling. Other children enjoy “skating” when we return to the playground, which was enjoyed on Thursday as well.

As Will and Asha search for ice, Thomas volunteers to help them.
Will: My mittens are strong. Maybe my mittens can get that out.
Thomas I can get it out cause I have a stronger shovel.
When they come across items frozen in a puddle, they work together on this tough project.

I have a bucket that’s stuck
and so many people came to help us.

– Asha