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Bird Playground

We raised up the platform with holes in the bird area and added half-pipes underneath. It’s not unusual for children not to take to a

Cutting, Punching, Taping

We’ve been busy as bees! Hole punching, cutting with scissors, and learning to use the tape dispenser, all independently.


Remember the earlier post showing Wesley making a felt bridge? He repeated this the following week, and began one this week as well. …Diane is curious


Holes are a source of fascination for this age group. Already we have plenty of evidence for this! The open-ended nature of this concept allows

Introducing wire as a tool

Family Day is next Saturday (6/2) from 10-12. Please come! Families and faculty will work together building sculptures using natural materials (which LNS children have


The Rainstick (our Gala auction item)

The birth of our rainstick is the culmination of many interests and explorations… “Drippy Droppy” Mine’s going to be a thunderstorm I’m making a very



Touching Pushing Smoothing Patting Pinching Poking Lifting Slicing Digging Smearing Rolling Collecting Squeezing Clawing Piling Balancing Peeking Inserting Pounding Curling Attaching Investigating Filling Pressing Connecting


Flashlights and Pop Tubes

  Saige has been interested in the pop tubes. When she first played with them a week ago, she connected three in a link: It’s


Pop Tubes

Amelia swings her pop tube up and down in front of Mark, giggling uncontrollably and saying yes yes yes yes yes yes. Then she swings


I’m on a mountain! I love that!

On Thursday’s walk in the sculpture park… At the wood chip mountain: Saige I’m on a mountain! I love that! Hey guys, I’m on a

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