Pop Tubes

Amelia swings her pop tube up and down in front of Mark, giggling uncontrollably and saying yes yes yes yes yes yes. Then she swings it side to side and says no no no no no no no. She repeats this over and over, laughing and laughing. Soon Kyla joins her and they swing the pop tubes playfully at each other. Kyla says We’re having fun!

Asha wants to make hers long. She asks Ian: Do you want to pull this? So, you ready? He holds, and she pulls.

Sam asks for Ian’s help making his longer too, and again Ian is game. The two boys investigate the tubes side-by-side, Sam connecting two in a circle and then putting pop tubes on the pegs, as Ian is doing.

When Asha squishes hers smaller again, she says Hey, this is how to do it. How did you learn that? Diane asks. Kyla showed me. Do you know what Will showed me? He showed me how to connect the ends together.

Will puts his connected tube on Diane’s arm, like a bracelet. He then tries it on himself. After a moment, he takes it off, disconnects the two ends and makes a bend in his: It’s a horse… He changes it again, putting the ends up to his eyes: They’re glasses.

Kyla stretches one out with Diane’s help: Now it’s long!

When Kyla connects the ends, Ruthie says, Oh, you made a circle?

Kyla YeahIt looks like a balloon.

Ruthie puts hers around her face and says, Look at the big drop. A big drop!

Luca first chooses a red tube and plays with it, figuring out how it works. He makes two small bends in the tube and holds it up, A heart! He then straightens it out and noticing the shape he created,asks, What letter is this? 

Many of the explorations are nonverbal, too . . . see below!