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Introducing wire as a tool

Family Day is next Saturday (6/2) from 10-12. Please come! Families and faculty will work together building sculptures using natural materials (which LNS children have

Sticks and Pine Cones for Emily

We found a letter addressed to us and read it. Then, after a quick peek to see what Studio Red children were up to, we

In Praise of Loose Parts

During Early Morning Dropoff, Asha and Travers are working on making a “rock show,” which entails delivering a large load of rocks to the bleachers.


Flashlights and Pop Tubes

  Saige has been interested in the pop tubes. When she first played with them a week ago, she connected three in a link: It’s


Pop Tubes

Amelia swings her pop tube up and down in front of Mark, giggling uncontrollably and saying yes yes yes yes yes yes. Then she swings

These Can Stick

Last Thursday, we put out what Cal called a ball maze in which metal balls can be rolled around a maze of sculptures using rods with

Pipes and Rubber Bands

Ian’s interest in the pipe and ball area for much of this week seems to have drawn others to the area, curious about what he


Block Play – Saige

Saige sits in an area on the stage, building a world of her own, occasionally giving clues about what is going on in her imaginary

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