These Can Stick

Last Thursday, we put out what Cal called a ball maze in which metal balls can be rolled around a maze of sculptures using rods with magnets on the ends. While children were interested in interacting with it, for some the main “attraction” was that the magnetic rods attracted to each other (Cal made them into an X: X marks the spot! and Sam not only made different shapes, but also used them as rhythm sticks, tapping them against each other, then on a table, in a pattern.)

So this Thursday, we added a magnet area to the classroom, which was well received by all. Some approach it with questions, such as Caroline: What are these?! I’m trying to put these together, but ahhh! What is happening? Once Caroline realizes that they stick to the metal door, she says, We’re decorating the door. Kyla joins her: We’re decorating the door. It’s a square where the poof  is (see featured image at top of post). Will came over and noticed that the other side have a magnet. Amelia observed These are connecting.

The magnets also became fish, sticks, food and utensils (and probably other things we weren’t aware of!).