I’m Making a Drippy Droppy

Having introduced “Drippy Droppy” at the easels, we’ve now brought this sculpture to the felt area. See how Luca and Kaya work together, and then after Luca leaves, Kaya continues changing what we might call a “felt drawing” to create what Kaya calls a “body sound robot.”

Kaya explains:

We made a body sound robot, and this is his zipper (green line going down the middle of the “body” like a jacket zipper). We pretend these are the ears (red “drops”) that we can collect. And this is the hair. And these are the stripes that we can put on right here for his eyeballs and hair. And everything’s quite long.

Ruthie sits down first thing on Wednesday and announces,
I’m making a Drippy Droppy.





Next Travers comes over, but dispenses with the yellow figure: he’s making a train, as Ruthie makes a new creation beside him.

Later on,
Saige creates this.

On Thursday more creations were made.

We’ve also offered eyedroppers –
will this extend the idea of “drippy droppy?”

We photoshopped Drippy Droppy at the easels, taking out the “tears” (as Cal had called them previously) and some children noticed at once. Caroline took one look and shouted out that it was broken. Kaya said His drips are gone. We wondered if children would draw in their own drips, but they didn’t. Then we provided blue markers to see if that would give them the idea. When Sam made a line that looked like the blue tear, Mark asked him if he was making the drip, and pointed to a picture nearby, but he didn’t respond. Hearing this, Ruthie made her own drips, then added what appeared to be hair.