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The Rainstick (our Gala auction item)

The birth of our rainstick is the culmination of many interests and explorations… “Drippy Droppy” Mine’s going to be a thunderstorm I’m making a very

High Chair Rocket Ship

Amelia and Kyla are enjoying some rough and tumble play together on the rug. Amelia rolls on the rug towards the balls and pipes table

I’m Making a Drippy Droppy

https://vimeo.com/253491473 Having introduced “Drippy Droppy” at the easels, we’ve now brought this sculpture to the felt area. See how Luca and Kaya work together, and


Colors of Muddy Puddles

The colored felt squares have inspired more creations this week. We previously posted about the many ways the children were using this material earlier in the

Felt Squares

  We never know what will happen with open-ended materials. These simple felt squares have taken on many uses: 9/20: When Thomas, Kyla, Travers and

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