High Chair Rocket Ship

Amelia and Kyla are enjoying some rough and tumble play together on the rug. Amelia rolls on the rug towards the balls and pipes table and then stands up. She looks over to Kyla and offers an invitation, How about we go in here?

Kyla accepts the invitation. They climb in together.
We're in a high chair.
We're in a plane.
-A disagreement-
We have two different ideas...
Can we solve this problem?
What about we are flying in the high chair and we are flying up to the moon in a high chair?
Amelia: A high chair has a tray, a strap and a seat.
Kyla: This is the thing that keeps us safe. This is our seat belt.
Amelia, let's go see what we've got.
Let’s set them alllll around.
I see stars.
Me too.
I see the moon.
Me too.
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