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Oh, that was a good one.

  We gathered together on the rug at the end of a busy morning. Kesler was holding this book in his hands. Diane asked him


Thinking of Kyla

When Amelia heard that Kyla was sick on Wednesday, she sat down at the drawing table. I’m drawing Kyla ‘cause she’s not here. I need

Well, I made him money

Ian is busy, extending string around the clipboard area: It has string. My clipboard is attached. It’s a fence. I made it. I attach it

Cal is SO funny!

https://vimeo.com/266543864 Thomas and Cal went outside to play, and soon decided to start a project bringing chunks of wood over for building towers. They enjoyed

High Chair Rocket Ship

Amelia and Kyla are enjoying some rough and tumble play together on the rug. Amelia rolls on the rug towards the balls and pipes table


Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Every day we see children exploring what it means to be a friend – what a difficult concept. Does it mean having one friend exclusively?


Connecting through materials

Interactions that promote positive relationships have common qualities. They are validating, personal, respectful and accepting. Saige is working at the drawing table. She looks carefully

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