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Oh, that was a good one.

  We gathered together on the rug at the end of a busy morning. Kesler was holding this book in his hands. Diane asked him


Exploring Writing

As a teaching team we are constantly listening to and observing the children within the studio.  These observations are what help form our curriculum. Before


Evolving stories

As we listen and observe, document and reflect, search and brainstorm, we’ve come to realize that some children are more naturally drawn to the written


And I’ll be the person that gasped

Kyla draws a picture at the table. She then walks around, holding the drawing up to her face, saying, Ooooooooooo! Spooky ghost! The friendly ghost


Our Stories

Our afternoon writing efforts have inspired collaborative group work during our morning open studio play. While creating a cake of snow outside, a small group

High Chair Rocket Ship

Amelia and Kyla are enjoying some rough and tumble play together on the rug. Amelia rolls on the rug towards the balls and pipes table



Sam has been talking about a Shrek play that he’s seen. He sits beside Rob and works with the blocks, apparently recreating the Shrek play,

Oh, man, I forgot my luggage!

Our “endless and proper work” is to support children in engaging in generative play, which is why we observe, document, offer materials, and make children’s

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