Colors of Muddy Puddles

The colored felt squares have inspired more creations this week. We previously posted about the many ways the children were using this material earlier in the year (see Felt Squares – 10/26/17


Here is a glimpse of what happened this week…

Kaya arranges many of the squares up on the feltboard, announcing, Ta-Da!  He points to each square and names the colors he sees. (Back in October, Kaya used these squares up on the board to represent different houses in his neighborhood).

A few minutes later, Amelia gathers up many of these squares and carries the stack over to the middle of the rug, joyfully exclaiming Colors!

She tosses the squares playfully into the air, giggling as the soft colors rain down around her. 

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Amelia heads off with Caroline to play with the baby dolls, the colored squares lying on the rug. Saige is soon attracted to them, sitting down on the rug and gathering up the many squares. She begins to line them up carefully, one by one on the floor. Ruthie soon joins her. They communicate nonverbally, taking turns to add squares to the grid they are creating together. 


Saige and Ruthie’s Creation 

Kyla is intrigued with this creation and she adds a new touch – small square puzzle pieces. She places one puzzle square in the middle of each square piece of felt. Asha has been quietly observing this activity and she joins Kyla placing puzzle squares onto the felt grid. 

It's a present.

Saige then slides some of the felt squares from the grid and balances a square puzzle piece on top of each one. She gives Diane one, It’s a present.

Saige continues to pass out these presents, one to Kyla and one to Ruthie, each time explaining that it’s a present. 

Kyla decides to start something new. She finds another basket of colored felt squares and locates an empty spot on the rug where she sits down. She begins to lay the squares out on the rug, much like the way that Ruthie and Saige had done. Kyla works on this for a few minutes and then slowly walks around on top of the felt grid, saying, Step…step…steps…but you know what’s missing…

Kyla runs off for a minute, returning with a handful of more squares. She adds these to the top left corner of her grid. Again, Kyla slowly walks around on top of her creation, explaining, 

They’re different kind of colors of muddy puddles.

They’re different kind of colors of muddy puddles.