Block Play – Saige

Saige sits in an area on the stage, building a world of her own, occasionally giving clues about what is going on in her imaginary world.
A wooden figure slides down the slide...
...and then Saige herself slides down a large slide along with the wooden figure, which walks along until it rests inside a flex cabinet.
Saige also makes a house for a pig.
She takes on a number of balancing challenges.
When Saige tries balancing three wooden figures on an upside down curved block, Cal asks, Is it a menorah? then says, She’s making Hanukkah things.
Balancing these is very hard!
This is a candle.
Finally, Saige points to the figures riding in colored blocks which are placed inside a large block, explaining, I set up a station for them. (Who are these in your station?) Boats. (Who are those in the boats?) These are the two boys, and these are the kids. You can buy them.