I’m Making Drippy Droppy

Asha is working with playdough. She uses a metal ring to form a round shape of playdough. She then places a small piece of dough in the center of the circle. 

Look! This is Drippy Droppy’s eye. 

A circle. 

I ruined it because I have to fix it. 

Asha crumbles up her playdough, returns most of it to the middle of the table and then scoops out a new ball of dough. She rolls it around in her hands for a minute until she feels it is the right texture. She then puts it down on the table and pushes down on it, first with one hand and then with both of her hands. She stands up and pushes her chair back so that she can use the power of her whole body to flatten out the playdough. 

Asha uses the metal ring to create a round circle of playdough.

This is Drippy Droppy’s eyeball. Another eyeball. Now I’m going to make Drippy Droppy’s mouth.

Asha takes a new piece of dough and spends some time rolling it out on the table using her hand. 

Asha carefully places the mouth below the two eyes. She takes a moment to give her playdough Drippy Droppy a few gentle pats, much like she does for her classmates when they are feeling upset and/or crying. She is finished with her Drippy Droppy made out of playdough. Diane wonders if Asha would like to draw a picture of Drippy Droppy at the table set up with markers and paper. She does want to draw and she sits down at the table. 

Asha chooses a red marker and begins to draw. The Drippy Droppy card from the face game is brought over and placed on the table. Asha looks at the card and then takes it with her over to the Drippy Droppy pictures hanging up on the closet door. (This is also where the playdough is set up, where she had just been working.) Asha holds up the card and looks back and forth between the pictures, appearing to compare them to each other. She comes back to the table with markers and places the card next to her drawing.

Do you want to tell me about your drawing? Do you have anything to share? 

Asha: No. I’m all done.