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Thinking of Kyla

When Amelia heard that Kyla was sick on Wednesday, she sat down at the drawing table. I’m drawing Kyla ‘cause she’s not here. I need


And I’ll be the person that gasped

Kyla draws a picture at the table. She then walks around, holding the drawing up to her face, saying, Ooooooooooo! Spooky ghost! The friendly ghost


Painting with Light

Studio Purple is a colorful class!  That is, the children have been drawn to colors from the very beginning of our year.  Exploring translucent color

Transforming our Easel

We decided to replace the mirrors on the easel with the plexiglass so that the children could paint on them. But after removing the mirrors,


The Rainstick (our Gala auction item)

The birth of our rainstick is the culmination of many interests and explorations… “Drippy Droppy” Mine’s going to be a thunderstorm I’m making a very

Well, I made him money

Ian is busy, extending string around the clipboard area: It has string. My clipboard is attached. It’s a fence. I made it. I attach it


In 2015, “Drawing Undefined” was the focus of a deCordova exhibition. In stretching the concept of drawing to its limits, some artists used drawing “as


I’m Making Drippy Droppy

Asha is working with playdough. She uses a metal ring to form a round shape of playdough. She then places a small piece of dough


Connecting through materials

Interactions that promote positive relationships have common qualities. They are validating, personal, respectful and accepting. Saige is working at the drawing table. She looks carefully

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