Discoveries in Nature

This week’s abundant sunshine and milder temps called to us, encouraging us to spend our mornings meandering and exploring.  From the sculpture park to the surrounding woods, we just couldn’t keep away. 

“Why is this leaf still green? Maybe it was just borned...Or maybe it forgot to turn brown.”-BRITTON
"It's a rainbow!"-MADDY "Our first rainbow."-HANNAH "It's like a string."-BRITTON "It's a rollercoaster."-QUINN
"A worm!"
"I found an H!"-Henry
"A waterfall with spreading water. A pond connecting with another pond we fished in."-ELEANOR
"I want to give these ferns to my mom."-MADELINE P.R.
"There's the pond, so we must be close."-MILO
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On Friday, when the nor-easter was upon us, we asked the children to draw a memory from our time in the woods.  

“These are the people that’s going to the bridge.”-HANNAH

“I remember those little wooden things that I picked up.”-SPENCER

“This is the rock that has the letters on it.  And this is the bridge that takes you over the mud.  And this is the hill that we runned down.  And this is the sticks and roots.”-HENRY

“These are the bumps from the hill.  That’s the pond.  These are the pokey parts, the dead grass that are tall.”-BRITTON

“A person walking by.  And another person.  Really, really, really muddy puddles.”-MADDY


What is a scientist after all? It is a curious man looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature, trying to know what’s going on.

Jacques Cousteau