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I was hugging Drippy Droppy

The children have been exploring the dry-erase easels with the image of a  museum favorite, Moptop, pictured behind the surface. We wondered what would happen if



  Creating towering structures has loomed tall in our creative process! Our interest is visible in the sculpture park, museum and the classroom.


Plexiglas – Studio Yellow Style

To bring the children’s attention to the concertina folds of Marta Chilindron’s sculpture Plexiglas we introduced some new materials to our studio area. The children


Museum small group: Cal, Ian, Saige

On Thursday, Emily and Diane took Cal, Ian and Saige to visit the museum. In these first visits of the year, we are inviting children


The artist within us

During a recent “teachers only” visit to the museum’s current exhibit                       Screens: Virtual Material 

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