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“Where we play Cheetahs!”

“Sense of place.”  What does this mean?  Putting it simply, it can refer to a meaning attributed to a place as influenced by our interactions


Our visit with Ian McMahon

One of the tremendous benefits of being ‘Children in Residence’ is the opportunity it provides for interacting with deCordova’s exhibiting artists. This week we were


A visit to the cafe

As play in the bakery continues, children have been incorporating new ideas and themes. Production has been relocated and all items are now prepared on


I’m Making Drippy Droppy

Asha is working with playdough. She uses a metal ring to form a round shape of playdough. She then places a small piece of dough


I’m on a mountain! I love that!

On Thursday’s walk in the sculpture park… At the wood chip mountain: Saige I’m on a mountain! I love that! Hey guys, I’m on a

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