A key unlocks our memories of what shapes mean.

Revision is becoming a part of our practice in Studio Red. Whether it be in conflict in the form of a "redo", during communication when we "say it again in a kind way", or when we cross out or insert another word or number in our written thinking, we are constantly revising.

As part of our work with Learning and Engagement, we have been creating a map of the pine tree forest, a space they call "The Grove." This week we revisited the forest to revise the placement of our map pieces.

Does our map accurately represent to others what we see?

With a felt board and shapes we created a key with the children.  Each shape would represent an important feature of our map.   The felt allowed for flexible thinking and easy movement as the children considered the placement of the pieces.  After creating our key, we moved to the woods to observe, collect information, and create our map. Small groups rotated to fill in the geographical features and landmarks.  Each group considered the placement of each other’s work as well as their own.

The water
Viewing the water to see how big it was and if it was indeed an ice rink.
The Wood Chip Mountains
While visiting the mountains a proper count was taken and then that number of pieces were positioned on the map.
After prominent landmarks were added, smaller details were filled in.
The Finished Map
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