“A map belongs in our hands.” Chester

In preparation for our return to the pine tree forest, we gathered to think around our gallery map.  Did we include everything we remembered of the space?  Did we represent the space in a way that others could read and make sense?  Was everything in the right place?

Before reflecting together as a group we thought together in pairs.  Each pair looked at a printed image of the map, one that could be held and viewed as if it were a true map.

I don’t know how you start!

One is hiding behind that one.  

This map is going to be hard.

But from where you start the ponds are messed up.  You can barely see them.

I don’t know why everything is covering up!  Cuz there’s nothing else.

We then came back together beginning our conversation with, "What do you see?"

I see we don't have where we start when me and Birdie were talking it was difficult to see where. LYLA

There's three suns and there's supposed to be only one. BIRDIE

Me and Ryan saw trees do not float! Skies would not be that short and mountains would not be rainbows! Because one more thing there are no colorful sculptures! MAREN

Not on the ground. Everything is floating except for these. (pointing to the mountains) JANE

You don't know how to connect. Where to start and where to finish. GRAEME

The sun is not high enough and the trees aren't low enough. VIVIAN

I just do not get this map. The pine tree forest is not anywhere. MAREN

The sun does not not have faces. ARYA

It's a rock and I put some green with moss. CHESTER

Our school should be in the map.

The ice rink needs to be in another place. Those are the ponds. RAY

I see these in the pine tree forest but they're not. I like them but they're not pink. That's not like a real pile, we need black dots. BIRDIE

These fences need to be down here because everything is behind those fences. LYLA

But Lyla, the big hill leads to the fences!