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Studio Yellow

We can’t wait to see you again! Thank you for the wonderful adventures!With love,Alice and Sue xoxo https://vimeo.com/manage/425906752/generalhttps://vimeo.com/425972602https://vimeo.com/manage/425985743/interaction-tools

Studio Yellow, Week 34

The summer weather is finally upon us and what a welcome sight it is to see so many of you outside enjoying it! Even when

Studio Yellow, Week 33

Dear Studio Yellow, It was so lovely seeing you all this week when we visited your homes. So many of you were so happy to

Studio Yellow, Week 32

This week during our Zoom meeting we shared videos of the Mama bunny and her baby kits that live outside Sue’s kitchen door. But, the

Studio Yellow, Week 30

Enjoying the Natural World https://vimeo.com/manage/413636258/general On a walk Suki came upon a beautiful Great Blue Heron and Makenna is lucky enough to have a robin

Studio Yellow, Week 26

Dear Studio Yellow, It seems ages since we saw your smiling faces so we are really enjoying hearing from you. It’s wonderful to see that

Studio Yellow, Week 24

Dr. Emily in the ‘house.’ Emily. Jamie’s mom and a family practitioner, shared her wisdom and the tools of her trade with the group this

Studio Yellow, Week 23

Recently, it seems every time we turn around, Studio Yellow children are organizing a party.  These parties are prevalent on the playground where many sand/wood

Studio Yellow, Week 22

Children continue to notice patterns – even in places where we least expect them! Green, blue, green, blue, green, blue. Ben White, purple, white, purple,

Studio Yellow, Week 21

For some time, we have been witness to some very big feelings in Studio Yellow, not always to the best outcome. In an effort to

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