Studio Yellow, Week 32

This week during our Zoom meeting we shared videos of the Mama bunny and her baby kits that live outside Sue’s kitchen door. But, the really exciting news came on Wednesday.  What do you see?

During our Zoom we also introduced you to growing fruits and vegetables from some leftover scraps you may have around your house.  We saw you plant lemon, cucumber, pear, apple and radish seeds.  Sue brought the top of a pineapple to plant.  Do you think it will grow a real pineapple?  We showed how you can soak the butt end of a head of romaine lettuce in water to make the leaves regrow.  We also used the same technique of using toothpicks to suspend an avocado pit and a sweet potato in water.  Many of you also brought onions and garlic to the meeting.  Alice planted her onion and garlic in the same pot to watch them grow.  Since Tuesday their leaves have become much longer.  Have yours started to sprout?

So much inspiration from Karen and Kjerstin and their Morning Invitations! Out and about in our neighborhoods Elliot and Sue found some construction projects underway. Josie and her family enjoyed the environs around Walden Pond – just happening upon more new baby goslings! We wonder if Nina has even more this week at her home. Elliot decided to make his neighborhood a bit more exciting, adding a farm, woods and even a prehistoric jungle!  William took advantage of his yard to practice his swinging technique.

Creativity at home...

Lily and her sister Gracie experimented with mixing different types of water colors.  William and Alice took advantage of the warmer weather to create outside.  Alice’s palette was a beautiful mix of different geraniums and lobelia while William worked with colored pencil and paper. Josie designed her very own “book bin!”