Studio Yellow, Week 33

Dear Studio Yellow,
It was so lovely seeing you all this week when we visited your homes. So many of you were so happy to see your pillows in your bag of belongings. We wonder how you are going to use them at home? We also delivered a special bag with our Spaces for Hope materials in it. We are going to look at that bag together on our next Zoom call but if you peek in it you can see you have some pieces of your special fabric. It will be interesting to see how we can use them with our rocks. We also loved seeing all your yards and gardens. It certainly seems everyone has been busy since we have not been in school.
Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend.
xo Alice and Sue

During our Zoom meeting on Tuesday we shared the video of the bunnies leaving their nest as well as a mole scuttling along the ground going in and out of his hole.  We invited you to use your imagination and draw what you think a creature’s home might look like underground.

Elliot was so exited about the truck delivering a load of loam that he was inspired to create and perform a song during mealtime.

The fabulous weather inspired so many of you to be outside.  Now deCordova is back open, Stella and her sister Violet visited a familiar place!  It seems like a lot of eating and experimenting also happened during the week.  Makenna even used ingredients to make her version of ‘onion’ soup.