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Studio Yellow, Week 8

We welcomed the new week with some novel additions to the studio while also continuing to explore those activities that have been of great interest

Studio Yellow, Week 7

We’re making a worm house. – Makenna We have been amazed at the children’s ability to find worms wherever we’ve ventured within the sculpture park.

Studio Yellow, Week 6

Materials within the studio have slowly been changing. Our intent is to adapt the environment as the children’s interests shift, as well as to introduce

Studio Yellow, Week 5

It’s a wiggle worm. – Teddy Creepy crawly creatures keep making an appearance in the lives of Studio Yellow. ON NATURE WALKS   Each week

Studio Yellow, Week 4

In a Reggio Emilia inspired school such as Lincoln Nursery School teachers are viewed as more than just partners in their students’ education.  Rather we


Studio Yellow, Week 3

What have we discovered as we ventured outside the walls of Studio Yellow? How much fun does the rain bring along with it? Do you

Studio Yellow, Week 2

Our first full week together brought with it many opportunities for children to begin to get to know one another. What questions arise as we

Studio Yellow, Week 1

It appears everyone was eager to jump right in and begin our new school year together! We sang, played, read and explored in response to

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