Studio Yellow, Week 30

Enjoying the Natural World

On a walk Suki came upon a beautiful Great Blue Heron and Makenna is lucky enough to have a robin making a nest in a tree by her door.   Sue and her family watched as a mother bunny prepared a nest for the arrival of her new babies. They are keeping their eyes out to catch a glimpse of the new bunnies.

Nina celebrated Hanami – the Japanese tradition of cherry blossom viewing by having a picnic with her extended family and flying a kite.  Lily discovered a new trail and helped Dad sow and water some grass seed. 


It’s so nice to see our sous chefs at work! Josie and Makenna made pizza with their dads while Elliot created quite a masterpiece to celebrate Papa’s birthday.


We have noticed an enormous amount of creativity: elaborate puzzles and building structures made, spots made nice, cozy and safe only to be invaded by a breaching whale.  Nina made some clothes peg people and Elliot and Suki responded to some Daily Invitations.  Stella is dreaming of summer and having a swimming pool in her yard!  Alice has enjoyed experimenting with her macro camera lens in the rain.  Can you tell what she has photographed?

We love hearing from you and are especially looking forward to seeing many of you again at our Zoom meetings on Monday!