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Why we draw from observation.

“I have learned that what I have not drawn, I have never really seen…”  –Frederick Franck An object, brought back from an adventure in the


“This one works the best.” Birdie

  “A catapult is a thing you put one thing down and you put another thing down and you shoot something.” -Sevi Children have been


“Let’s measure!” Ray

  Measuring the face of a boulder. Measuring the height of the table. Ray shoots a catapult and the objects flies. “It can go as


From dominoes to catapults…

  A group of children began exploring machines with blocks.  Creating imaginary vehicles, shooters, and electric powered motors, they discussed cause and effect. This pretend


Exploring a paintbrush

  The paintbrush becomes a study of form and function as we create our own with natural materials found in the woods. “This is so


“First you need scissors. . .” MAREN

  We have been drawing our creations! Children are learning how sketchbooks can be tools to save memories of their efforts, to guide the reconstruction

Observational Drawing

  Together in Studio Red, we are learning about the camera. Last week, we shared prior knowledge, experimented with the tool, and labeled its parts


“It’s not heavy for us…”

  “It’s not heavy for us, it’s heavy for the stick!” “No, that won’t work.  It’s too weak.”  BIRDIE “Too long.”  BEATRICE “Birdie, it feels

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