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Cutting, Punching, Taping

We’ve been busy as bees! Hole punching, cutting with scissors, and learning to use the tape dispenser, all independently.

If I had a hammer…

I’d hammer in the morning… Nails can bend too.  So, you might want to be careful.  Graeme Cuz it’s in the crack, and if it

Introducing wire as a tool

Family Day is next Saturday (6/2) from 10-12. Please come! Families and faculty will work together building sculptures using natural materials (which LNS children have

Transforming our Easel

We decided to replace the mirrors on the easel with the plexiglass so that the children could paint on them. But after removing the mirrors,

Which one works the best?

Last Monday, Diane began work with a small group of three: Chester, Maren, and Brooke. She invited them to create a video about how to

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