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My Baby Came.

Kesler, do you want to tell us what happened? My baby came. Is it a boy or a girl? Boy- Girl. It’s a girl. Do


Problem Solving…

Last week, we formally visited the idea of problem solving.  Encountering chipmunks reluctant to leave the treasured “stick house” near Owl Tree, we wondered aloud


Do they even have a name for it?

Viewing the installing and deinstalling of a work offers us a unique lens through which to view the artist.   That is, it creates an opportunity

“I just forgot about you.”

This week Avia shared a story from Studio Red.  Her story invited us to extend our thinking on play and friendship.  We reflected together on


Where has Brad gone?

The happenings seen through the windows of Studio Yellow are a source of fascination to the children.  We witness sculptures being trucked in and out,


Take Care of You

While reading A Mother for Choco one morning, a small group came together to share their ideas around a question. The question was asked of


Look at my Face!

Coming back together as a group after a week away from Feb. break, reading stories with grown-ups is an activity that the children seem especially


“Whoa, that’s very angry.”

As we continue our work on getting to know ourselves and others better, we focus on faces as a way of understanding how others might

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