Tag: Empathy


A New Way of Building

A delicate touch was needed to construct with our new table top blocks this week.   As the children worked we witnessed many ideas and skills


Small Bird Environments

We have set up an area with little wooden birds, and we see children drop by here to check it out, sometimes just briefly, and


There’s My Birdie!

As the bird play in Studio Blue had dwindled recently, we wondered if opening up the area where our birds are kept might encourage the


Building a New Way

We made some changes to the classroom, one of which was removing the large wooden blocks with the hollow centers from the block area and


A Helping Hand

Elliot and Jamie were working together filling a wagon with dirt. When they determined their work was done, Elliot tried to pull it out of


Sometimes That’s Hard

Upon arrival, one morning, Lila sits down at the table to draw. I’m gonna color mama. And my house. And a lion. I did his


“You Look at Them”

Our ongoing desire to understand more how empathy evolves in young children has led us to provide opportunities with the children to discover ways to


Museum Visit: Relation and Creation

Every visit for every child is unique! Chris: Relation Chris is verbally inquisitive, asking questions, stopping and looking, devoted to his relationship with Julie, as

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