Sometimes That’s Hard

Upon arrival, one morning, Lila sits down at the table to draw.

I’m gonna color mama. And my house. And a lion. I did his face. Look, the eyes…

She uses the purple pencil to mark her paper with many lines coming out from the center, much like the lion’s mane on her shirt.

Lila: I did this face. There’s eyes.



Lila takes note as the door opens; another Studio Blue child is reluctantly arriving with his mother. 

I don't want to go to school,

he says as he is coaxed through the door and to his cubby.

Lila: She don’t want to go. 

Lila watches him closely, her pencil no longer moving across the paper as she quietly observes. Lila seems to understand this feeling, That’s hard to go to school. It’s hard to go to school.

It is hard to go to school some days. Some days you just want to stay home.

Kesler, who has joined Lila at the table, can also understand this feeling. 

I did not want to go to school either.  

You did not want to go to school today? I’m glad you’re here. People don’t want to go to school sometimes…it happens.

Lila: Yeaaaaa.

Yea. Sometimes it’s hard. 

Lila: Sometimes you want to play. 

Sometimes you want to play and keep on playing at home. Can you play when you come to school?

Lila: Yea.

You can. Yea, but it’s different.

Lila: I did that with time.

You did that with time?

Lila: Yea.

Sometimes you need time…Good advice,Lila…sometimes you need a little time.