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It’s so sticky.

For most of the year we have been thinking through cardboard.  Cardboard has helped us to express our ideas about ships, shapes, characters, and design. 

A new sculpture: Kitchen Trees

On Wednesday, we headed out to see the new sculpture being installed. As always, the “places in between” were also an attraction, so once we


Gratitude for Susannah

Susannah spent her last day with us today. We had all gotten very fond of her, and wished her well. Diane read the children’s words

Fiber People

Months ago when we met in a large group to reflect on our fiber installation, the group created a list of next steps they wanted

Oh, that was a good one.

  We gathered together on the rug at the end of a busy morning. Kesler was holding this book in his hands. Diane asked him



Egg by Kevin Henkes Popular Few words See? Reading at end of meeting; some children in the bathroom. Waiting for green egg to crack. They



Studio Yellow is continuing to think about the signage that accompanies the sculptures in the Sculpture Park.  The children are very versed at telling each


Jabari Jumps

A new book in Studio Blue, Jabari Jumps inspired many play scenarios this week. First, using their birds and then using their bodies, some children

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