Gratitude for Susannah

Gratitude for Susannah

Susannah spent her last day with us today. We had all gotten very fond of her, and wished her well. Diane read the children's words and gave Susannah some artwork and photos, and Susannah had some presents for us.

Earlier this week, we let the children know that Susannah would be coming one more time to play with us for the day. We wanted the children to begin thinking about ways we could say thank you to her. 

I was thinking about Susannah helping us. What do you think we could do for Susannah to say thank you to her?

Wesley Make her something.

Ellie Maybe a picture

Jack Let’s make a cake for Susannah.

Jack A chicken-aroni. Ha ha!

Ellie Maybe a butterfly.

Josie And flowers.

Johann Butterflowers!

Wesley Maybe bee flowers

Jack A drum, like your drum, like that big drum (pointing).

Lila Make a butterfly.

Chris? Or maybe those colored tissues.

Jamie/Jack A chicken!

Yes, you could make some food for somebody.

Jack A macaroni and cheese sandwich. Maybe candy.

Chris A cake.

Kesler Make a picture of you (Mark).

Ellie Maybe a picture of my mom.

Jamie Maybe a picture of my daddy.

Wesley Draw your dad.

Johann Banana.

Johann did in fact go to the play dough table thinking of bananas. He made banana cake for Susannah with the playdough. 

Johann: Banana cake. For Susannah.
A recreation of Henry's drawing for Susannah

Does she like a persons? These are his eyes and these are his noses. Two noses. This is the mouth. The circle is for the person. There. I made an H for Henry.



I love you Susannah.


On Wednesday, we asked the children one more time
if they wanted us to write down their words for Susannah. 

Josie: I like hugging you Susannah. 

Jamie: I love her

Kesler: Come next week. 

Jack: Give her a cat.

Elliot: I want cake with a banana and a muffin with Susannah.

Ellie: I love you picture when you go to school. Can you do I love you? I got a question for you – I love you.

Then Susannah brought out some special items for us. Flowers to smell and admire, and a book: "Room on the Broom." Susannah was grateful we had "room on the broom" for her in Studio Blue this year!

Some of us knew this story and were eager to read it right away!