Studio Yellow is continuing to think about the signage that accompanies the sculptures in the Sculpture Park.  The children are very versed at telling each other that the sculptures should not be touched or climbed but again we wondered if there are other ways we could describe how we encounter the art work.  Along with Rachael, our deCordova liaison, we decided to visit some familiar sculptures. 

We started at DeWitt Godfrey’s Lincoln

How can we have fun here?

Kyla – We can run through. Hop, jump – walk sideways.

Zack – Maybe not climb.  Maybe look at it.

Thomas – We can go through the different tunnels. You can crawl through.

Amelia – We can run down the hill – the whole length of it.
Amelia (standing in a tunnel) – You can tap your feet.

Best of all Possible Worlds – Saul Melman
Zack – You can look through it. And go under it.

Eva – Hide in them.  Run around them.  We can play peek-a-boo.

Amelia – Knock, Knock!  Come in!




Homewrecker and Ugly Mess – Aaron Curry

A very familiar sculpture for  last year’s Studio Blue children.  There were many comments about how the sculptures were feeling.

Amelia – We can brush him.  We’re cleaning him to make him happy.

Kyla – He’s in a pool of tears.  Don’t worry we’ll brush all the hot pepper flakes off so he can stop crying.

Zack – He’s crying.

Pasture Song – Nancy Winship Milliken

Thomas – You can run through.

Eva – When it (wind) goes that way you can run through.

Kyla – You can play.

Amelia – When it’s windy it blows it up and you can quickly run through.

Double Graves – Elizabeth Tubergen

The final stop on our tour of the Sculpture Park was a visit to the piece we had watched being installed.  There has been much anticipation as the artist announced this sculpture could be climbed upon.  However the children had other ideas.

Kyla – We could climb it but you might get wet.

Eva – You can race through it.

Amelia – You can go under it.

Thomas – The water drips under it.